Prime Ministerial Cabinet

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Not to be confused with Presidential Cabinet

For the incumbent cabinet, see Cabinet of Valerie Minerva

The Prime Ministerial Cabinet (French: cabinet du premier ministre de la valorie) is a political entity that consists of the six head executives under the prime minister's authority and the deputy prime minister. These executives head, in alphabetical order, the ministries of Education, Finance, Health, Justice, Labor, and the Interior.

All members of the prime minister's cabinet (except for the deputy) are appointed directly by the prime minister, and can be dismissed by the prime minister at any moment. There also exists an impeachment process for both individual cabinet members, and the cabinet as a whole.

The cabinet serves as the prime minister's central advisory body. Executives part of the prime ministerial cabinet are recognizable through the title 'Minister'—their other executive counterparts, secretaries, serve under the president.

Membership[edit | edit source]

There is no order of precedence among the cabinet of the prime minister, although each individual prime minister is entitled to give more weight or importance to certain ministers. The seven members of the Minerva cabinet are as follows:

Office Current Officeholder Assumed office
Deputy Prime Minister Kate Oliver February 1st, 2024
Minister of Education Nancy Magdalene February 1st, 2024
Minister of Finance Susan Tierney February 1st, 2024
Minister of Health Miriam Sumpter February 1st, 2024
Minister of Justice Cassandra Whitson February 1st, 2024
Minister of Labor Garrett Douglass February 1st, 2024
Minister of the Interior Gerald Grayson February 1st, 2024