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For a list of officeholders, see List of Prime Ministers of Valoria.

Prime Minister of Valoria
Valerie Minerva
since February 1st, 2024
Style Mr. Prime Minister (informal)
The Honorable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
Type Head of government
Residence Executive Mansion
Seat Boston
Appointer Popular vote, or via succession from deputy
Term length 2 years, 6 months (renewable)
Formation September 26th, 1762
First holder John Cooper
Salary $390,625 per year

The Prime Minister of Valoria (French: Premier Ministre de la Valorie), sometimes referred to as the Timekeeper (Chronométreu[r/se]), is the head of government of Valoria.

Originally created in 1762, the premiership under its current form dates back to the founding of the Second Republic in 2014. The prime minister oversees their cabinet, which includes the heads of the ministries of Finance, Education, Labor, Health, Justice, and the Interior, as well as a number of independent government agencies, such as the VEA.

The prime minister is of equal official rank to the president, with whom they share the Executive Mansion, their official residence. The prime minister's office is located in the West Wing, a term which has since become .

Since February 1st, 2024, the office has been held by Valerie Minerva.

History[edit | edit source]

First Republic (1762 - 1942)[edit | edit source]

Absolute Monarchy & Suspension (1942 - 1976)[edit | edit source]

Reinstatement & Constitutional Monarchy (1976 - 2012)[edit | edit source]

Transitionary Period (2012 - 2014)[edit | edit source]

Second Republic (2014 - present)[edit | edit source]

Election[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Impeachment & Succession[edit | edit source]

The prime minister is impeachable by a two-thirds majority of the National Assembly. Although motions of impeachment have been drafted against the majority of officeholders, no prime minister has ever been impeached.

Historically, three prime ministers have vacated office intra-term, although each via different method: Keith Hill (in office 1789–1790), who died from tuberculosis ten months into his term; Phillip Matthews (in office 1906–1910), who resigned a little over a year into his second term due to fractures in his party; and Charles Reynolds (in office 2010–2012), who was assassinated two years into his term.

In case of death, incapacitation, impeachment, or resignation, the prime minister is succeeded by the deputy prime minister (although this has never occurred). Historically, before the position was created, the National Assembly was tasked with nominating a successor.

List of Prime Ministers[edit | edit source]

42 individuals have served as prime minister since Valoria's founding. Anthony Vanwall, who served in a similar capacity before the office was established, from 1756 to 1762, was retroactively offered the title, however declined it. 4 have served non-consecutive terms: James Mansell, Graham Coulthard, Nathan Crawford, and Nicholas Augustine.

There are currently 5 living former officeholders: Steven Lawrence, Eric Henderson, Anthony Collins, Julia Anne-Claire, and Arthur Reinhardt.

No. Name In Office Political Affiliation
1 John Cooper 1762–1768 Unaffiliated
2 Phillip Edwards 1768–1771 Unaffiliated
3 Colinn Clark 1771–1774 Reformist
4 John Sparrow 1774–1777 Purist
5 Theodore May 1777–1783 Reformist
6 Arthur Brabham 1783–1789 Reformist
7 Keith Hill 1789–1790 Reformist
8 Jacques Lagardère 1790–1795 Reformist
9 Ken Stewart 1795–1801 Purist
10 William Peterson 1801–1807 Purist
11 David Hailwood 1807–1810 Reformist
12 Nicholas Evans 1810–1816 Purist
13 Albert Jones 1816–1828 Reformist
14 Simon Daniels 1828–1831 Reformist
15 Henri Tambay 1831–1837 Purist
16 Marshall Watson 1837–1846 Reformist
17 James Mansell 1846–1858
18 Graham Coulthard 1858–1861
19 Paul Marshalls 1870–1876 Reformist
20 Paul Herbert 1876–1879 Purist
21 Charles Hudson 1879–1885 Conference
22 Pierre Bourdais 1885–1891 Conference
23 Charles Busch 1891–1897 Conference
24 Samuel Waters 1897–1903 Reformist (1897–1900)
Unaffiliated (1900–1903)
25 Alexander Brawn 1903–1906 Conference
26 Phillip Matthews 1906–1910 Reformist
27 Mark Alan 1910–1921 Movement
28 David Welds 1921–1930 Movement
29 Michael Augustine 1930–1942 Conference
30 Nathan Crawford 1976–1979
31 Matthew Anderson 1979–1984 Movement
32 Samuel Scott 1984–1986 Conference
33 Nicholas Augustine 1986–1989
34 Ryan Collins 1992–1994 Movement
35 Ethan Taylor 1994–1997 Conference
36 Steven Lawrence 1999–2002 Movement
37 Eric Henderson 2002–2010 Conference
38 Charles Reynolds 2010–2012 Unaffiliated
39 Anthony Collins 2012–2016 Movement
40 Julia Anne-Claire 2016–2021 Movement
41 Arthur Reinhardt 2021–2024 Movement
42 Valerie Minerva 2024–present Conference